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Corporate History


Macrodyne was incorporated in 1979. The company designs, assembles, and tests electronic data acquisition instruments, intended for generic as well as custom applications. Design and manufacturing is preformed at the company's Clifton Park, New York facility.  The products produced are used in monitoring electric power networks as well as signal processing applied to laser velocimetry and both are market leaders in their respective fields of application.

Macrodyne has been an innovator in the application of current technology to the marketplace.  The company designed the first digital system for laser velocimetry and has continually augmented that initial product.  In the field, digital signal processing is utilized to extract  frequency information from discrete Doppler bursts.  This laser measurement equipment is utilized in a variety of areas ranging from aircraft and engine design to measurement of particle diffusion and blood flow.

Macrodyne innovations also include the design and development of several measurement and data acquisition and recording instruments which are used in both research and operations applications within the electric power industry.  The company conceived and developed the first digital oscillograph associated with utility applications, allowing conditional access of power line data at substation locations under abnormal conditions, and remote access to this data by utility personnel.  Macrodyne continues to enhance its offerings in the utility field with recent advances hinging on predictive coding for compression of data to reduce storage requirements and transfer time.  Network applications employing GPS satellites for synchronization and real time data communication for control and monitoring are becoming a reality through product innovations from Macrodyne.

Macrodyne was awarded the prestigious R&D 100 Award for its Model 3100 Frequency Domain Processor.  The company also received a group achievement award from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for the development of data acquisition systems in support of wind-tunnel data acquisition experiments.