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Model 1692

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Integrated Recording Units for Transient Fault and Long Term Disturbance Events

Macrodyne Model 1692 Integrated Recording Unit  
Model 1692 Integrated Recording Unit

The Model 1692 Integrated Recording Unit records both transient fault and long term disturbance events with instrument class accuracy, adding a new dimension to power system recording instruments.


 The Model 1692 features a 16-bit A/D converter per channel and advanced digital filtering techniques to provide outstanding recording fidelity.  An adaptive anti-aliasing filter rejects out-of-band signals to further ensure a high degree of accuracy.  All input channels are DC coupled so that transducers may be monitored and offset currents properly recorded.


System functions, including virtually all triggering, storage, control and communications are directed by the instrument's Pentium processor, providing optimum flexibility.  This software control allows the user to take full advantage of the powerful facilities.  An external GPS clock may be used to implement synchronous sampling with the degree of accuracy necessary for phasor computation and recording for use in state estimation an protection and control functions.  In addition the data can be used in dynamic stability monitoring applications, load modeling and system model verification.


The Model 1692 IRU is available in several configuration options offering up to 32 analog and 64 digital input channels in a single cabinet and a variety of memory options to accommodate the most demanding data acquisition requirements.  Larger configurations up to 256 analog and 512 digital channels are accomplished by using several fiber optic coupled cabinets in a master/slave configuration.  For less demanding applications a 12-bit input channel with reduced filtering is provided.


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