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Model 1698

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Satellite Timing Units for Absolute Time Tagging and Synchronous Data Sampling

Macrodyne Model 1698 Satellite Timing Unit  
Model 1698 Satellite Timing Unit

The use of precise time for both absolute time tagging and synchronous data sampling applications offers significant opportunities towards the enhancement of overall power system performance.  The Model 1698 Satellite Timing Unit makes this capability available in a configuration designed specifically to address the critical demands of power system applications.

The Model 1698 derives absolute time information from reliable NAVSTAR Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite transmissions.  The Global Positioning System is a worldwide navigation and timing system which is rapidly becoming the electric power industry's preferred time coordination medium.


Several unique features have been incorporated into the Model 1698 to satisfy the demanding requirements of the power system environment.  Clock synchronization signals (and time codes) can be made available on both fiber optic and electrical outputs.  The use of fiber optics offers complete EMI / RFI rejection and isolation typical of many power system installations.  A user selectable clock output provides flexibility with respect to data sampling applications.  The clock output, selectable from 300Hz to 1.0MHz, supports power system wide synchronization requirements.  The instrument also supports the standard IRIG-B format time code.  The Model 1698 can be powered by AC or DC station battery voltages and is SWC tested to meet the most exacting substation performance requirements.  The Model 1698 is designed and developed by Macrodyne, a name synonymous with innovation, reliability and performance within the electric power instrumentation industry.


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