Inventory | Silverline Trailers (2024)

Inventory | Silverline Trailers (2024)


What is the best length equipment trailer? ›

Equipment trailers generally have 20-foot lengths. This allows them to carry the maximum capacity that you need. There are smaller equipment trailers, but you usually won't see them very often. If you are in the market for an equipment trailer, be sure to calculate what you will be most often towing.

Are anvil trailers good trailers? ›

Similarly, Anvil Enclosed Trailers are a high-end trailer with well-made materials. Provided that, these quality made trailers are highly sought after.

What are the best equipment trailer brands? ›

Our options of utility trailer brands range from $1,995 to over $8,000. So what are the best utility trailer brands? The best utility trailers are Sure-Trac, FLOE, and Sport Haven. They are made from aluminum, steel, wood, and even polymer.

Why are Diamond C trailers so expensive? ›

Features such as innovative ramp designs, heavier duty features, upgraded tarp systems are just some of the design ideas that lead the industry. When most companies focus on eliminating features to get pricing down, Diamond C focuses on adding features as standard equipment.

What type of trailer makes the most money? ›

Flatbed Trailer
  • Flatbed drivers earn more per mile than most other trailer types, which helps driver turnover.
  • There are many opportunities for pick-up and delivery each week.
  • Flatbed drivers don't need to back into docks and unload the freight.

What are the cons of aluminum trailers? ›

The main disadvantage is their cost. Aluminum trailers are typically more expensive than trailers made from steel or other materials. This can be a major barrier for some people, especially if they are working with a limited budget.

What is the warranty on Anvil Trailers? ›

All Anvil Trailers carry a 5 Year Warranty on the Standard Series & a 6 Year Warranty on the Pro Series.

What is the most popular utility trailer size? ›

The 6×12, 7×14, and 7×16 utility trailers we have in-stock are indeed the most popular utility trailers of all time. But that truly means nothing unless you get a trailer that's going to provide you many years of useful life.

Is a 53 foot trailer the longest? ›

The Standard 53′ Semi-Trailer Dimensions The average dimensions for a 53′ semi-trailer are a 53′ length, a 102″ width, a door height of 110″, and a total height of 13'6″. These are the largest dimensions a trailer can come in before an oversized load.

What is the most popular travel trailer length? ›

An average size travel trailer would be about 20 to 28 feet in length. This trailer would typically come with some pretty standard amenities you need on your journey.

What is the length of the most common truck trailer? ›

It is common to see two pup trailers pulled together, making for a total length of around 56 feet. Intermodal containers are typically 20 or 40 feet long but can also reach the standard 53 feet. Tanker trailers, flatbeds and a variety of other trailer types all range between 48-53 feet.

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