Ultimate Guide to Creating the Best TH11 War Base Layout - Base of Clans (2024)

Ultimate Guide to Creating the Best TH11 War Base Layout - Base of Clans (1)


In Clash of Clans, a strong Town Hall 11 (TH11) war base layout is crucial for defending against enemy attacks during clan wars. With the right design, you can prevent attackers from earning three stars and give your clan a competitive edge. This guide will help you understand the essential components and strategies to create an effective TH11 war base.

Understanding TH11 War Base Requirements

New Defenses at TH11

At TH11, you unlock powerful defenses like the Eagle Artillery and the Grand Warden, which can significantly boost your base’s defensive capabilities. These new defenses, combined with upgraded versions of existing structures, can make your base a formidable challenge for attackers.

Importance of Upgrading Defenses

Upgrading your defenses should be a priority. Focus on upgrading key defenses such as the Eagle Artillery, Inferno Towers, and X-Bows first. These structures provide significant damage output and can deter attackers when strategically placed.

Key Components of a TH11 War Base Layout

Town Hall Placement

Your Town Hall should be centrally located, surrounded by high-damage defenses. This placement makes it harder for attackers to reach and destroy it, which is crucial for preventing them from earning stars.

Clan Castle Position

The Clan Castle should also be centrally placed, ensuring that defensive troops can cover a wide area and engage attackers early. This strategic position can disrupt enemy attack plans and provide a strong defensive advantage.

Defensive Structures

Distribute your defensive structures evenly around your base to cover all possible attack angles. Key defenses like the Inferno Towers, Eagle Artillery, and X-Bows should be placed in protected compartments to maximize their effectiveness.

Traps and Bombs

Use traps and bombs to surprise and weaken attackers. Place them in high-traffic areas where enemy troops are likely to pass, such as near key defenses or resource storages.

Anti-3 Star War Base Designs

Maze-Like Structures

Anti-3 star war base designs often use maze-like structures to confuse and slow down attackers. By creating a complex path for enemy troops, you can force them to use more spells and troops, reducing their overall effectiveness.


Dividing your base into multiple compartments can prevent attackers from easily accessing all of your defenses. Each compartment should contain a mix of defenses and walls to create a layered defense that is difficult to penetrate.

Strategic Placement of Defenses

Eagle Artillery

The Eagle Artillery should be placed centrally and surrounded by other defenses. Its long-range attack can deal significant damage to enemy troops, so keeping it protected is essential.

Inferno Towers

Inferno Towers are crucial for their high damage output and ability to target multiple troops or focus on a single target. Place them in compartments that are difficult to reach and cover key areas of your base.

Air Defenses

Air defenses should be distributed around your base to cover all angles of attack. This placement helps protect against air attacks, which can be devastating if not adequately defended against.


X-Bows can be set to either ground or both ground and air targets. Position them strategically to cover high-traffic areas and key defenses.

Hidden Teslas

Hidden Teslas can surprise attackers and deal significant damage. Place them in areas where attackers are likely to deploy high-value troops.

Creating a Strong Core

Centralizing High-Value Targets

Centralizing high-value targets like the Town Hall, Eagle Artillery, and Clan Castle makes it difficult for attackers to reach them. Surround these targets with layers of defenses to create a strong core.

Layered Defenses

Layered defenses involve placing multiple layers of walls and defenses around your core. This design forces attackers to break through several layers before reaching your most valuable structures.

Defensive Strategies Against Popular Attacks

Countering Mass Miners

To counter mass miner attacks, use a mix of splash damage defenses like Wizard Towers and Bomb Towers. Traps like Giant Bombs can also be effective in dealing with large groups of miners.

Defending Against Bowlers and Witches

Bowlers and witches can be countered by using multi-target defenses like Inferno Towers and Wizard Towers. Placing these defenses in strategic locations can mitigate the damage from bowlers’ bouncing rocks and witches’ skeletons.

Air Attack Defenses

Defend against air attacks by placing air defenses, seeking air mines, and air bombs in key locations. Spread these defenses to cover all angles and protect against popular air attack strategies like LavaLoon.

Utilizing Traps Effectively

Placement of Bombs

Place bombs in high-traffic areas where enemy troops are likely to pass. Giant Bombs can be particularly effective against mass troops, while small bombs can help weaken groups of enemy units.

Seeking Air Mines

Seeking air mines should be placed in areas where enemy air troops are likely to pass, such as near air defenses or high-value targets.

Skeleton Traps

Skeleton traps can be set to target either ground or air troops. Place them near key defenses to distract and weaken enemy troops.

Example TH11 War Base Layouts

Layout 1: Anti-3 Star Design

This layout features a centralized Town Hall and Clan Castle, surrounded by multiple compartments of high-damage defenses. The maze-like structure forces attackers to navigate through several layers, making it difficult to achieve three stars.

Layout 2: Strong Core Defense

The strong core defense layout focuses on protecting the core of the base with multiple layers of walls and defenses. High-value targets like the Eagle Artillery and Inferno Towers are centrally located and well-protected.

Layout 3: Balanced Defense

The balanced defense layout strikes a balance between protecting the core and covering all angles of attack. Defensive structures are evenly distributed, and traps are strategically placed to catch attackers off guard.

Best Practices for TH11 War Base Design

Analyzing Attack Replays

Review replays of attacks on your base to identify weaknesses and make adjustments. Understanding how attackers approach your base can help you improve your design.

Adapting to Meta Changes

Stay updated with the latest game updates and changes in attack strategies. Adapt your base layout to counter new threats and maintain its effectiveness.

Continuous Improvement

Regularly update your base layout and experiment with different designs. Continuous improvement is key to staying ahead of attackers and maintaining a strong defense.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Poor Defense Placement

Avoid placing defenses too close together, as this makes it easier for attackers to take them out with splash damage. Spread out your defenses to cover a wider area.

Neglecting Traps

Traps can be a game-changer in defense. Make sure to place them in high-traffic areas and update their positions regularly.

Overcomplicating Design

While complex designs can be effective, overcomplicating your base layout can make it harder to manage and update. Keep your design practical and focused on key defensive strategies.

Advanced Tips for TH11 War Base Layouts

Customizing Base for Specific Opponents

If you know the attack strategies your opponents typically use, customize your base to counter those strategies. Tailoring your defense can give you a significant advantage.

Utilizing Online Communities and Tools

Join online communities and use base design tools to get feedback and find inspiration for your base layouts. Learning from others can help you improve your designs and stay updated with the latest trends.


Creating a strong TH11 war base layout requires strategic placement of defenses, continuous improvement, and adaptation to new attack strategies. By following these guidelines, you can build a base that effectively defends against enemy attacks and helps your clan win wars.


What is the best anti-3 star strategy for TH11?

The best anti-3 star strategy for TH11 involves creating a maze-like structure with multiple compartments, centralizing high-value targets, and using a mix of defenses and traps to slow down and weaken attackers.

How can I improve my TH11 war base layout?

Improve your TH11 war base layout by analyzing attack replays, adapting to meta changes, and continuously updating your design to counter new attack strategies.

What are the essential defenses to prioritize at TH11?

Prioritize upgrading the Eagle Artillery, Inferno Towers, and X-Bows, as these defenses provide significant damage output and can deter attackers when strategically placed.

How do I adapt my TH11 base to new attack strategies?

Adapt your TH11 base to new attack strategies by staying updated with game updates, analyzing attack replays, and making adjustments to your base layout to counter new threats.

Are there tools to help design TH11 war bases?

Yes, there are several online tools and communities that can help you design TH11 war bases, provide feedback, and offer inspiration for your layouts.

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Ultimate Guide to Creating the Best TH11 War Base Layout - Base of Clans (2024)
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